What is an Independent Educational Evaluation?

An Independent Educational Evaluation, or IEE, is a process whereby an expert evaluates the academic status, cognitive skills, and educational needs of a child independently of a school. In assessing these factors, the IEE might evaluate neurological functioning, a child’s sensory needs, a child’s behaviors, and more. The goal in any IEE is to create a comprehensive picture of the child’s strengths and deficits in the classroom.

Parents sometimes seek IEEs for their children when they apply their child to a private school. IEEs can also serve as an important document for children in the public school system who may need support for disabilities.

Who Conducts an Educational Evaluation?

A licensed psychologist can conduct an Independent Educational Evaluation for a child. At LifeStance Health, our child specialists have the skills and training necessary to run a comprehensive IEE. They can provide you with the complete picture, giving you insight into how your child learns, where their strengths lie, and where they may need support in their current or future school.

What Happens During an Independent Educational Evaluation?

In an IEE, our child specialist works closely with your child in an office setting. The child is asked to perform certain tasks and tests related to executive function, cognition, and more. Depending on the child’s age or presenting symptoms, testing can include an evaluation of cognitive ability via a test such as the WISC-IV, tests of academic achievement, assessment of perceptual skills, and a psychological assessment. The overall goal is to understand what a child is capable of, how that child is currently performing in an academic setting, and how the child leverages intelligence to execute tasks in school.

How to Find a Therapist for an Educational Evaluation

If you are looking for an independent and licensed psychologist to conduct your child’s IEE, reach out to LifeStance Health today. We can walk you through the process, explaining to you how we can build the clearest picture of your child’s educational profile.