Carmel now offers hypnosis and relaxation training services. These techniques can supplement your existing therapeutic interventions, providing added relief to stress and anxiety. You will work in partnership with one of our trained professionals to explore how these techniques can improve your mental health regime and your quality of life.

How Hypnosis and Relaxation Training Works

Hypnosis is a technique used by your therapist to help you go into a deep state of relaxation. While often associated with magicians in the media, there is no magic to hypnosis. It also is not used to control you or make you do things you might not want to do. Instead, hypnosis helps the mind relax so that you can focus on aspects of your life you are working on in therapy with more clarity and calm. Any therapist you would work with at Carmel would be licensed in hypnotherapy.

In a hypnotherapy session, your therapist will take you through a number of steps and relaxation techniques to get you into a hypnotic state. Once you are in a heightened state of awareness in the hypnotic state, your therapist will work with you on specific issues you are facing in your road to mental health wellness.

Relaxation techniques are used to supplement existing therapy. It can help you relieve anxiety; this added equanimity, too, can make therapy that much easier for you. Relaxation training can teach you to relax yourself through breathing, deep muscle relaxation, visualization, and more.

Mental Health Conditions Hypnosis Can Treat

Hypnosis can help with any number of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, panic disorders, eating disorders, and OCD. Hypnosis helps these conditions and more by helping you address destructive or negative behaviors. It also helps alleviate the stress that can often be comorbid with other mental health disorders. This means that whether or not hypnosis applies directly to your personal mental health situation, it can provide relief in a complimentary way, no matter your situation.

How to Get Started

Carmel is now accepting new patients for hypnosis and relaxation therapy. You can contact our offices at your convenience to discuss your options. We will set up a time for an initial session in which you can discuss your goals in turning to hypnosis and relaxation therapy.