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Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluation

Assessment for the purpose of arriving at a diagnosis and a plan for treatment. This may be done through interview, the most cost-effective way, or through formal testing when necessary. 

Individual, Marital, & Family Psychotherapy

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Medication Evaluation & Treatment

Assessment by a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner to determine if a medication is indicated for symptom relief, and subsequent monitoring. 

School & Educational Evaluations

Assessment by a child specialist, often a psychologist, to detect attention and/or learning deficits with the aim of formulating a plan for educational remediation. 

Health Services : Biofeedback

Biofeedback is an effective, short term treatment for a variety of disorders, particularly those in which the stress response may be a factor.

Biofeedback can be a useful adjunct to many medical and surgical procedures.  Through the use of computerized equipment, biofeedback “feeds back” information to the patient on various autonomic nervous system indicators, such as muscle tension, skin conductance, hand temperature and respiration.  By becoming aware of these responses and learning quieting techniques, a patient can develop self-regulation skills which can result in less pain and distress, as well as higher levels of functioning.  Counseling and health teaching are also used to facilitate this process.

Health Services : Stress Management

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Health Services : Hypnosis and Relaxation Training

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Health Services : Cancer Counseling

The emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis can be significant, and not only upon the person receiving it. Their family and caregivers are no less subject to this impact. Anxiety over the implications of this diagnosis, and its subsequent treatment, and depression in response to interruptions in functioning, and anticipation of loss, are common. Becoming overwhelmed as a caregiver, and dealing with grief are also common. When emotion responses rise to a level of discomfort, for anyone undergoing this process, counseling can help.

Forensic, and Child Custody Evaluations

Assessments, by interview or through formal testing, to assist attorneys and their clients in a legal defense, or to assist a court in determining the best interests of children going through a divorce and custody dispute. 

Child Psychiatry and Psychology

We have specialists on our staff who are trained specifically to work with children and whatever needs they may present.