Andrea Wainer, LCSW-R

Provider type: Therapist

Serving: Adolescents, Adults

About Andrea Wainer, LCSW-R

Andrea Wainer, LCSW-R is a Clinical Social Worker with twenty-seven years of experience
provide therapeutic and coaching services in five countries (New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo,
London and Singapore). She has a masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University
and is a certified supervisory and completed the Supervisory course, three years after she
graduated with her masters from NYU in 1996. She currently supervises Clinical Social
Workers in their therapeutic work and trains professionals from many modalities in the
dynamics of relationships when one person is character disturbed.

Living and working abroad has expanded her cultural competence and understanding of the
world and the human experience. She currently works with corporate adults in an
international financial form.

She started her career in NYC where she worked in crisis at Bellevue Hospital’s inpatient AIDS
unit while building a private practice. At New York Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian’s Division
of Child Development, she expanded on her understanding of child development as she
worked with Early Intervention in administration and as an evaluator assessing and securing
services for children ages birth to age three.

Ms. Wainer is an expert in narcissistic personality disorder, the dynamics of relationships with
these personality types, and the problems the targeted people face. While living overseas she
became an advocate for women and children who were living away from their country of
residence and origin while undergoing judicial process. She currently works with people
impacted by domestic abuse and narcissistic personality disorder behaviors and helps clients
to navigate the complicated and often devastating damages caused to targeted people by
these folks. She opines on cases in family court, provides; support, assessments, evaluations
and counseling.

Her time spent living overseas makes her highly relatable. Having physically been to many
places, gives her a connection point, a common experience, with people from all over. She
holds the belief that human beings share more similarities than anything else and that it is
possible for every person to make changes towards improving upon their lives and making,
setting and achieving goals towards reaching their potential. Ms. Wainer truly likes and
believes in her clients and the people around her. Her love of people and desire to make a
difference is evident in her work and helps her clients to recognize their own potential and
unique giftedness.

Andrea sees patients via TeleHealth only.


  • Personality Disorders
  • Therapy
  • Trauma
  • Locations