therapist on telehealth appointment

Ever since the invention and widespread use of the telephone, people have relied on telehealth in some way or another. Once, people would call their doctors for immediate medical advice. Now, people can have medical providers see them, prescribe medicine, and follow up without anyone leaving home or the office.

As communication technology has made serious advances in recent years, teletherapy has been on the frontlines of the latest push for telehealth. Since therapy primarily focuses on the mind, rather than physical symptoms, people have been keen on using online communication to connect to therapists. After all, this is how people connect to other people they trust, like friends and family.

The LifeStance Health Model of Care

The push toward telehealth in mental health care has increased access to care and provided a convenient way for people to seek ongoing therapy. Furthermore, teletherapy has been clinically shown to be as effective as in-person therapy. Yet, there’s no matching the connection that people get when they see their therapists in person.

That’s why LifeStance Health offers both online and in-office appointments. When you book a visit with us, you can choose whether you want to see your therapist online or in the office. Patients choose between these options each time they book an appointment, allowing for maximum flexibility. Online therapists with in-person options also provide some benefits that online-only therapists don’t.

Establish a Healthy Connection

Therapists who offer both online and in-person appointments allow their patients to get the best of both worlds. Many people use this setup to establish a strong connection with their therapists in the first few visits with in-person appointments. Both parties get to know one another better, which allows patients to open up and get more out of therapy. Then, when it feels right, they can move to online appointments.

Pick a Therapist Backed by a Team of Clinicians

When your therapist is part of a clinic, you gain a whole team of professionals on your side. If you and your therapist decide that you may benefit from taking psychiatric medication while you make progress in therapy, this can be an essential benefit. Your therapist can connect you with a psychiatrist or specialized advanced nurse practitioner that they know and trust. These professionals can form a team that surrounds you with comprehensive mental health care.

Book the Appointment You Need

Each appointment you have with your therapist is unique. You talk about different aspects of your mental health and may work through different things. As such, you may prefer some appointments to take place online, while others require an in-person connection. For example, you may prefer teletherapy for most meetings, but book an in-office appointment when you need to talk about something particularly difficult.

On the other hand, you could prefer in-person therapy but need to switch to online therapy because you have a busy week or you will be away from home. No matter your needs, an online therapist with a physical office gives you the flexibility you need to get the care you deserve. When you book an appointment with one of our therapists, you get all of these benefits and more.